The Ultimate ''Avatar: The Last Airbender'' Recap Cartoon - BOOK THREE
BOOK 3 of the Ultimate Avatar: The Last Airbender recap is finally here!
Directed by: Cas van de Pol
Background director: Ham Firouzan -
Sound design by: Niels van der Voet, Robert Jung
Music by: Robert Jung -
Intro animation and backgrounds by: Hadi Tabasi -
Voiced by: Chris O'Neill
Animation by: Erik Waeijen -
Backgrounds by: Shae Humphries , Tori Richards
FX Animation by: Panda Rebolledo
3D Animation by: Brent van den Hove, Dirk Lemmers, Tessa Moonen, Maarten Houweling

Animation and Backgrounds: Bassetfilms -
Animation by: Michael Ruocoo -
Backgrounds by: India Boeckh -
Animation by: Sean Cunningham (PaperbagAnimator) - , Jeroen Koelewijn -
Backgrounds by: Vivian Zhou -
Animation by: Freddie Elsom -
Backgrounds by: Geddy Kay -
Animation by: Sr Pelo -
Backgrounds by: Cas van de Pol
Episode 8 -
Animation by: Dominik Johann -
Sound design by: Tom Schley -
Episode 9 -
Animation by: DON -
Voice work by: Chris O'Neill & Zach Hadel - -
Episode 10 & 11 -
Animation and backgrounds by: TEAM EGG
Chandler Candela, Omar Romolino, Yugo Limbo, Ryan Boyes - - -
Addition backgrounds by: Tidawan T, Emanuelle (Ellie) Heikens -
Episode 12 -
Animation by: Gracie Pryor -
Backgrounds by: Chrystin Garland -
Episode 13 -
Animation by: Kéké Flipnote -
Backgrounds by: Vivian Zhou -
Episode 14 & 15 -
Animation by: DreaminErryDay -
Backgrounds by: DreaminErryDay, Michael Azzi -
Episode 16 -
Animation by: Junaid Chundrigar -
Color by: Liz El Saadany -
Backgrounds by: Camila Cumplido -
Episode 17 -
Animation by: Ockeroid -
Backgrounds by: Zachary Clarkson -
Episode 18 -
Animation by: Ahmad Beyrouthi -
Backgrounds by: Danalyn Reyes -
Episode 19 -
Animation by: Ockeroid, Shigloo -
Backgrounds by: David Depasquale, Dan Muangprasert - -
Episode 20 -
Animation and backgrounds by: by: Brent van den Hove, Dirk Lemmers, Maarten Houweling, Tessa Moonen
Episode 21 -
Animation by: Steve Ly, Jenn Strickland, Topburger239 - - -
FX Animation by: Nahu, Ragon - -
Backgrounds by: Ham Firouzan, Angie Duran - -
Aang voiced by: Ella Houtman
Zuko / Ozai voiced by: Junaid Chundrigar
Additional sound design by: Sander Houtman, Nick van Oort
Credits music by: Ockeroid -

Thank you so much for all your support.

  • Omar You Know!
    Omar You Know!

    is this animal crossing or what 3:45

  • Shakima Smith-White
    Shakima Smith-White

    Plus what was that dance Zuko and Aang doing

  • Shakima Smith-White
    Shakima Smith-White

    And you called him Aaaangg

  • Jemiyah Greene
    Jemiyah Greene

    9:03 uhhhhhh....... what just happened????

  • Sohan Rai
    Sohan Rai

    That dance 7:06

  • Sohan Rai
    Sohan Rai

    He look like a Roche 2:34

  • Mr. Artiste
    Mr. Artiste

    I like how combustion man actually looks like combustion man

  • carter huang
    carter huang

    Sister: How many art styles are there? Me: YES

  • twoface2001

    God even in a weird ass parody I still cry at Iroh forgiving Zuko

  • Raphael Goncalves
    Raphael Goncalves

    3:02 Anybody notice gingerpale there?

  • Skeleton

    I like how the art style keeps changing

  • AutisticBlood5

    I like this music at 13:09 I want to know where it came from

  • G Lavigne
    G Lavigne

    11:30 LOL The moment Azula lost more than just her hair

  • Avatar Aang -
    Avatar Aang -

    This looks so bad bro and you made appa look stupid and appa is not stupid

  • vad

    it's much funnier when i saw subtitles about that sr pelo animated and even voiced episode 7

  • Coralis Amaro
    Coralis Amaro



    I saw gingerpale in the beach scene lol

  • Mimi Tan
    Mimi Tan

    1:23 when You did not clean your Room Mom:*cocks slipper Gun*

  • the crazy kid
    the crazy kid

    After just finishing avatar can confirm 100% accurate

  • Commander Amiin
    Commander Amiin

    Itoh is a legend

  • Cora Dayot
    Cora Dayot

    At 11:43 ozai was like KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa van Rheede van Oudtshoorn
    Vanessa van Rheede van Oudtshoorn


  • Kayl Garcia
    Kayl Garcia

    2:51 Sokka: *Yeet's the rock* Furnace: *Gives sword* Sokka: *Dances* Me: THAT"S NOT HOW A FURNACE WORKS!!!!!!

  • Spencer Moore
    Spencer Moore

    I’m so happy zach is in this

  • Cooper Walker
    Cooper Walker

    intro reminds me of trump

  • Lava animated!
    Lava animated!

    I watched this before watching the actual series because why not

  • My channel is Died by YouTube
    My channel is Died by YouTube

    2:29 OP MUGEN meme characters in a nutshell

  • Into The Lungs Of Hell
    Into The Lungs Of Hell

    i love that the styles of the animation changes from times to times and it really works, my favorite was the one that looked like rayman legends

  • Light X.A
    Light X.A

    You should do this with Naruto and Naruto shippuden that should be easier

  • SCP:SL Scientist
    SCP:SL Scientist

    3:21 hey its sr. pelo p.s. hearing psychicpebbles later in this suprised me alot


    A a ang aaaang a ang hahaha soo funny

  • annahoJ Backwards
    annahoJ Backwards

    This recap’s been in like 4 different styles already 😂

  • Among us xd
    Among us xd

    12:16 *y u h*

  • annahoJ Backwards
    annahoJ Backwards

    The beginning of Part 3: Aang: *Wakes up and flies off the boat cuz scared* Spirit guy: jeheisvekdbdnsjsjsbbsjabtatu Aang: :/ Aang: *wakes up and hugs friens*

  • Emily Tannehill
    Emily Tannehill

    Oh so this is how the avatar the last air bender was made

  • Mary Lybrand
    Mary Lybrand

    10:24 -10:59 , “avatar the last airbender D.I.Y!1!!11!”

  • Rose gomes
    Rose gomes

    3:28 Sr pelo edited that??? XDDD good video :)

  • Archipandara

    11:39 Look at these beautyful hands

  • Essa Al Boainain
    Essa Al Boainain

    Ya 12:16

  • HeyImSpencer


  • HeyImSpencer


  • Daniel Iourenco
    Daniel Iourenco

    Tá muito bom

  • Nasir Bello
    Nasir Bello

    12:40 there’s something bout the characters at the bottom,why do I have a feeling that this is an Easter egg of some sort

  • Isaiah Ricker
    Isaiah Ricker

    Zukos chin is where he stores his honor.

  • anthxny

    Still better than the live action though!

  • Nyen 0
    Nyen 0

    Best caricature UwU

  • AlexObvious

    3:44-4:13 AVATAR the Game

  • Justin Kim
    Justin Kim

    sokka looks ugly in this

  • Maria Santacruz Rivera
    Maria Santacruz Rivera

    This....this is a masterpiece (pin this plz)

    • Mira Meadowwater
      Mira Meadowwater

      No it’s not ugly eww

  • Demonic Dragon
    Demonic Dragon

    1:42 Bouncy bouncy

  • gene mambo
    gene mambo


  • SPEC snuffy
    SPEC snuffy

    This was hilarious and probably took a long time

  • Shakima Smith-White
    Shakima Smith-White

    Why did the turtle lion look so weird

  • Finnegan Gray
    Finnegan Gray

    7:15 when you just got back from taco bell

  • Starflake Animations
    Starflake Animations

    Love how Aang plops like a Jelly ball.

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter

    i herd that theres another show for the avatar called the legend of korra

  • aleija_zuree_ eñosa
    aleija_zuree_ eñosa

    I liked the “agni Kai” part of appa and momo

  • malinka chan
    malinka chan

    3:04 stop this video in this moment.

  • Mr diamond
    Mr diamond

    This is the most amazing thing in the world entire world

  • Margaret Sullivan
    Margaret Sullivan

    I just love how he gives aang lil baby noises 🍼

  • Victor Abraham
    Victor Abraham

    I love the mix of animation styles

  • Jerry

    5:06 _water._

  • Kate Coffey
    Kate Coffey

    7:11 I don't think they had phones then 😬

  • NotCool

    3:02 GINGER PALE!

  • Santana Bustamante
    Santana Bustamante

    at 10:07 Ozai sounds like one of the aliens from Halo lol

  • Devin French
    Devin French

    This is where they got the inspiration for the movie

  • Toph Beifong
    Toph Beifong


  • Jonathan Menjivar
    Jonathan Menjivar

    What search engine do you use 12:17

  • Robert Izz
    Robert Izz

    2:52 he got a netherite sword

  • Mr FoxGaming
    Mr FoxGaming

    5:00 got me laughing

  • Josi Ane
    Josi Ane

    Da Ricap is fanny

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person

    The only conversation that was more than 2 words long was between Appa and Momo XD

  • Coolkaseplayz

    You did it right that is how it should of been

  • Crystal Shards
    Crystal Shards

    season 3 on a fairly low budget

  • Furkan Candan
    Furkan Candan

    This is beyond the wonderful

  • DarkVit G
    DarkVit G

    1:34 My brain: heroes never die

  • khalil downes
    khalil downes

    They should have put the of of the entire series, Pointy Rock

  • oofking

    can we appreciate how unnecessarily smooth that transition at 11:19 was?

  • VS - 05GM 811477 Thorndale PS
    VS - 05GM 811477 Thorndale PS

    This was much better than the real life Avatar the last airbender movie

  • Muhammad Ayyoob Shaikh
    Muhammad Ayyoob Shaikh

    2:35. I like clapping

  • Ennard

    Air is the strongest element. If they so wanted to, they could create a vacuum around their opponent and they wouldn’t be able to breathe, or even speak. They’d scream but no one would hear them, as the vacuum slowly kills them by taking away their oxygen. They’d never be able to shout for help either. The vacuum would take away all the sound from their mouth, eventually killing them in possibly the most painful way ever.

  • Mothinajamjar

    12:40 I almost died 😂😂😭😭😭

  • Caleb Faulkner
    Caleb Faulkner

    1:43 RTX: on

  • Technoboy

    this is gold

  • alastor

    This is the 105th I have watched this and all the other chapters

  • Samuel Dirner
    Samuel Dirner


  • D3monic

    5:31 Ahh my favorite fight in the Avatar

  • tacitpuggil

    Dude recap in a recap 0:00

  • Ning Sun
    Ning Sun

    This literally recaps all the important parts of the whole movie

  • Drool ProjectRST
    Drool ProjectRST

    Was i the only 1 to actually finish avatar in 59 minutes

  • Ibrohim Awn
    Ibrohim Awn

    12:48 sokka this is funny

  • rafael mendoza
    rafael mendoza


  • Simon Bro
    Simon Bro

    the lion turtle frace killed me

  • Jeffs_R _Us
    Jeffs_R _Us

    11:33 I love how Azula got a wig now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • OverlordOtaku

    "And that is how i met your mother"

  • лэйз - майнкрафт
    лэйз - майнкрафт


  • Muskan Nayak
    Muskan Nayak

    4:44 ahhhh maths......

  • Figure stick
    Figure stick

    I feel like Sr pelo made 3:39

  • Nova aurora Historias
    Nova aurora Historias

    I love this video XD

  • Shrija Tatapudi
    Shrija Tatapudi

    For some reason the turtle lion attempting to pick up and place Aang is the cutest thing ever